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Why Us

    We conduct an extensive analysis of every investment in a solar photovoltaic project. As part of this analysis, the project team considers micro and macro influencing factors to evaluate the project. After examining the influence of various parameters necessary tariffs are determined to make solar projects profitable under varying conditions. The project team also creates a detailed financial model that examines each individual element of a solar PV project.
    Every Solar PV project offers a variety of challenges. And at Sadbhav, we are ready for it.

    From site-specific details to technology selection and execution philosophy, we analyze every single aspect of a Solar PV Project. For each project, we conduct in-depth weather analysis using premier third-party agencies like 3-tier, we perform rigorous permutations and combinations to select the best suitable technology solution.

    Our team relentlessly works towards developing a right execution philosophy to optimize the return on investment, for our clients.
    For arriving at the optimum design of PV systems, it is important to determine the performance of various technologies at the site. Since the amount of power produced by a PV panel depends upon the amount of region’s solar irradiation and temperature, out project team carefully analyze various technologies to arrive at the optimum design for each solar project.

    Our project team develops optimum designs for PV system after the estimation of long-term system performance is done. In the study, the analysis is undertaken for selected area in order to calculate factors, which influence the performance of PV system. This information is obtained through in-depth analysis, using various calculation and tools to optimize performance of PV system.
    We give our partners the information and insight necessary to plan and implement solar projects and related policies more effectively. Sadbhav through its experience has developed unique approach to evaluate cost and performance information.

    Our project teams use this information to develop a highly sophisticated financial model that projects the costs of solar electricity for each project, at various scales, and in various geographies, and evaluate the technology’s key cost-drivers.

    We share detailed analysis with clients to help them understand the range of power costs under different deployment scenarios and evaluate options for project development. We also share our deep understanding of the various financing structures available for solar projects.
    Our core strengths aim to deliver value difference to all our customers. These strengths drive us to make right decisions in our service delivery. Our strengths work as torchbearers to guide us towards business proficiency.

    Domain Expertise
    Our staffs include highly experienced project managers, engineers, outsourcing consultants and trained operations & maintenance team with strong domain who create customized solution for each client.

    Skilled Workforce
    Our well-trained and highly skilled people receive repeated praise from clients for maintaining an enviable standard of excellence in delivering diverse services.

    Consistency and Reliability
    We offer effective solutions, services, support and technologies with high levels of precision, service consistency, deadline compliance and reliability.

    Quality Assurance
    We guarantee you that when we do work for you; we'll do it right. Thus, we ensure the complete quality for all services we provide.
    Sadbhav provides professional operations and maintenance services with a dedicated team of experienced field service engineers and technicians. Our lead engineers each have extensive experience with the development, manufacture, installation and field service of various system components. With this background, we operate on a platform that has been generated from our experience resulting in a team that has superior capabilities to prevent, detect and repair potential problems before they become significant and costly issues.

    The team actively oversees the quality and performance of each solar project with effective, daily performance monitoring, preventative maintenance routines, manufacturer warranty management and scheduled solar panel wash downs. All of our service personnel are trained to be aware of safety, performance and quality at all times.

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